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Getting Started

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Top Tip:
Go online for cheaper international payments

If your payment option is not catered for online, you can complete an Interpay form here and bring to your local branch to process.

What you will need:

  1. Facility to print in order to bring it to a BOI branch for processing.
  2. Your Bank of Ireland IBAN.
  3. Full details of the Beneficiary/Payee:
    1. Their Bank Name and Address, BIC / Swift Code.
    2. Their Name and Address, IBAN or Account Number.
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For Personal Customers

You can make payments up to €20,000* using 365 Online with free Bank of Ireland payments fees to the UK & EEA countries and significantly reduced fees to all other destinations.

*Limit is €10,000 where Payee is activated by mobile

Get online

For Business Customers

You can send your payments through Business Online where charges are significantly reduced.

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